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It can be a challenge for even professional photographers to get a photograph at just the right moment. However, video recordings contain a surprising number of wonderful scenes. "AfterShutter" allows you to search your videos comfortably at home for your favorite moments and capture them as photo data. Save your captured images and share them on social network services or send them by e-mail. When recording video, be careful to move your camera very slowly and steadily. This will allow you to capture a greater number of still images. "AfterShutter" changes the world of photography. Capture images for photos that will amaze your friends.
Perfect for:
- Movement and smiles of playing children- Sports highlights- Interesting and/or wild actions by your pets- Climax scenes at fireworks events and festivals - Swing analysis for golf and baseball- Favorite scenes from saved movie and anime data
You can also experience the joy of using "AfterShutter" to capture the perfect moment when your friends are in mid-air for a great "kamehameha" (Dragon Ball attack) photo!